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We create more than just wedding videos, we create films that capture the essence of your special day and the pure magic of the love between two people and their family and friends.

Our Featurette Edit Wedding Film is the absolute highlights of your wedding day. It encapsulates the essence of your special day, the magic between you and your partner as well as the moments with your family and friends.  It is a timeless piece that you will be able to watch over and over again and truly feel like you are reliving those magical moments for years to come.

We aim to capture the raw emotion and enjoyment of the day, nothing that is forced or staged. A film that celebrates the love between two people and the family and friends they hold closest on the most magical day of their lives. 


You probably already know what you want and we’re more than happy to hear your ideas and make your wedding film dreams come true. If you’re not the ‘creative type’ don’t worry we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

+What we do best

Directing & Filming

This is what we do best. We will make sure that no magical moment goes unnoticed on your wedding day. You focus on enjoying yourselves and being in the moment and we’ll do the rest.


It’s all in the editing and this is our forte. Our editors spend hours seamlessly piecing together hours of footage from your special day into our signature Featurette Edit Wedding Film.


Our creative team are true Cinematographers. Their craftsmanship together with the RED Helium camera is what makes our signature Featurette Edit Wedding Films breathtaking. Wedding videography will record your wedding day, but we will capture the essence, love and beauty in an unmistakable cinematic storytelling style.

We launched Sugar Mill Road because we knew we had something unique to offer. Within our creative team we held years of experience, not only with wedding videography but with cinematic commercial expertise and some of the best equipment in the world. We wanted Sugar Mill Road and it’s clients to benefit from this rare opportunity to use a camera like the RED to produce ‘Featurette Edits’ that have that unmistakable quality that only a true cinematic camera like the RED can capture.

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