Frequently asked questions

What is a featurette edit?

Our Featurette Edit Wedding Film is the absolute highlights of your wedding day. It encapsulates the essence of your special day, the magic between you and your partner as well as the moments with your family and friends. It is a timeless piece that you will be able to watch over and over again and truly feel like you are reliving those magical moments for years to come. Most Featurette Edit Wedding Films are 3-4 mins long depending on the song choice.

Can I choose the song for my featurette chapters?

We would love to hear your song suggestions for your Featurette Edit and your Chapters. Ultimately we will guide you on the best song choice and make sure that the music is just right.

Getting ready chapter: what does it include?

This chapter is shot on the morning of your wedding and includes both you and your fiancee with your bridal party and family. Detailed shots include your wedding dress, shoes, perfume etc. It is a 3-4 minute edit set to music.

Ceremony chapter: what does it include?

The Ceremony Chapter captures the bride walking down the isle, the reaction on the grooms face as he sees his bride for the first time. All audio is captured via a lapel microphone on the groom which picks up the brides vows also. Your celebrant will also have a lapel microphone. We include your first kiss and walking back up the isle beautifully edited to music. This chapter is usually 30-60 minutes long, however long your ceremony takes.

Photo shoot chapter: what does it include?

In this Chapter we are on location with you both while you are having your Wedding photo shoot with your Photographer. We capture the moments of you and your bridal party while your photographer takes your photos. From the banter between the groomsman and the attention given to the bride by her bridesmaids while fixing her hair to get that perfect shot. We chose the absolute best moments which are then edited to music, this chapter is usually 4-5 minutes long.

Reception chapter: what does it include?

In the Reception Chapter we capture the bridal party entrance, the cutting of the cake, your guest enjoying your night and of course, your first dance as husband and wife. This chapter s usually 3-4 minutes.

Speeches chapter: what does it include?

It doesn’t matter how long Uncle George’s speech goes for, we will capture it all. In the Speeches Chapter we record every speech given by the bride, groom and other guests. This chapter is usually 30-60 Minutes, however long your speeches take.

What camera do you use?

All of our footage is shot using the RED Weapon Helium. This bad ass camera is a cinematography camera straight out of Los Angeles. It was used to shoot the motion pictures 'The Irishman, King of Thieves, Yesterday' and many more. Its 8K resolution and sensor gives the cinematic beautiful imagery seen in our wedding films.

Do you travel?

We call Brisbane home but we will travel anywhere for love!